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James Bowen (Residential Real Estate Appraiser)

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Q & A

Who are you?
My name is James Bowen; I am a Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser located in Neshannock, PA (Lawrence County / New Castle Area). I appraise all forms of residential real estate properties.

What is your turn-around time?
It varies, please contact me for a current turn-around time.
What is your Coverage Area?
I appraise properties located in Trumbull County (OH), Columbiana County (OH), Mahoning County (OH), Lawrence County (PA), and Beaver County (PA).

I do have an expanded service area for desktop valuations (If you are an AMC that offers desktop valuations, contact me for my expanded service area.).
What types of appraisals do you do?I complete residential real estate appraisals for various reasons. Some reasons may include (but not limited to) a 1st Mortgage, 2nd Mortgage, Desktop Appraisal, Appraisal Review, HELOC, FHA, Buying A Home, For Sale By Owner, Refinance, Foreclosure/REO, Estate Settlement, etc.

Do you accept credit cards?
No; I accept cash or check

In which states do you have an active certification in?
Pennsylvania (Cert# RL139791) - Ohio (Cert# 2014004528) - Virginia (Cert# 4001 013064) - Florida (Cert# RD7928 - North Carolina (Cert# A8679)


Form GPAR - [$650.00]General Purpose Appraisal (Full Interior/Exterior Viewing) - For residential properties (For Sale by Owner, Divorces, Bankruptcies, etc..)

Form 1004 - [$650.00]
URAR (Full Interior/Exterior Viewing) - For single family residential properties (Mortgage related transactions)

Form 1004C - [$750.00]
Manufactured homes (Full Interior/Exterior Viewing) - For anyone who owns a trailer/manufactured home that has been placed on a permanent foundation. This form is not for modular homes (they can go on the 1004 or GPAR).

Form 2055 - [$575.00]
Single Family Appraisal (Exterior Viewing (From Street/Curb)) - A site visit is required, at a minimum a viewing from the street/curb is required.

Form 1073 - [$775.00]
Condo (Full Interior/Exterior Viewing) - This is for condo owners.

Form 1075 - [$700.00]
Condo Exterior Appraisal (Exterior Viewing (From Street/Curb)) - This is for condo owners. A site visit is required; at a minimum a viewing from the street/curb is required.

Form 1025 - [$1,200.00]
Multifamily (Full Interior/Exterior Viewing) - For properties that 2-4 units (Fee includes Form 216)